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We provide a wide range of construction services and home repairs including, but not limited to:
Construction:  Handyman:Tenant Improvements:
Remodels      Ceiling fans     Store remodels
Room additions     Tile          Space improvements
Kitchen/Bath upgrades Repairs of all kinds                New stores
Fences and Retaining walls  Plumbing and Electrical          Retail Maintenance all phases
Decks    Windows, Doors      Commercial handyman      
Patio Covers  Termite Damage     Retail/Commercial Painting             
Windows and Doors      Rot Repair                             Retail/Commercial Electrical
Flooring        Drywall
ConcreteFence repair
Drywall and Framing    Handicap bars
New Construction  Recessed lighting
Plumbing, Electrical             Playhouses
Misters, Central Vacuums   Sheds
Crown molding     Misc. Tasks
 We can work on a Contract basis, or Hourly, depending on your preference and the scope of your project.
   FREE Estimates  805-801-3678